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Since I am moving to a very nice house, I will not be able to ship any orders from August 27th till September 4th.


  • For your own safety, I do not have a webshop which needs a constant watchout for hackers.
    Instead, you can send me an email with your order.
    Please specify the G. number(s) or edition numbers of the work(s) you are interested in, AND whether you want a score or parts. For the Boccherini Cello sonatas please check the incipits before ordering!
  • The amount charged for shipping is 5 euros, but for orders over 50 euros shipping is free of charge.


  • In order to keep my life as productive as possible (not loosing time having to chase non- or not-yet-paying customers), the rule is: Payment prior to delivery unless you are a regular and reliable customer.
  • Payment to F. Wakelkamp, Wellerlooi, The Netherlands.
  • IBAN: NL35 ASNB 0707 1315 02. BIC: ASNB NL21.
    If your bank account is in euros, the money transfer using the IBAN and BIC codes should be free of charge for both parties.
  • If your bank account is NOT in euros, indicate "OUR COST" to the money transfer. [Please consider paying via a free PayPal.com account, since intercurrency bank transfer costs are considerable. PayPal works OK in e.g. China.]
  • You can also use PayPal account info@frankwakelkamp.com for your payment. [I advise this method for non-euro countries, since intercurrency bank transfer costs are high.] Please add 5% over the total price of your order (including shipping), since PayPal charges this much.
  • Credit card payments are not possible.
  • For faster delivery, please notify your payment to info@frankwakelkamp.com with some proof of your payment (e.g. a screen print).
  • It is your responsibility to provide editionwakelkamp.com with a proper shipping address. "Proper" means here, that you have the experience that every package shipped to this address has arrived. If this is not the case, please find a more reliable shipping address. You will be charged for any extra shipping costs for any package that is sent back to editionwakelkamp.com.
  • Delivery mostly within 2 weeks after payment.


  • Your personal data will only be used for the correct handling of your order and for the financial administration needed for the Dutch Tax Office. No data are stored online.