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  • For your own safety, I do not have a webshop which needs a constant watchout for hackers.
    Instead, you can send me an email with your order.
    Please specify the G. number(s) or edition numbers of the work(s) you are interested in.
  • I do not send pdf files to anyone. That includes you.
  • All Boccherini Cello sonatas come as scores (Cello solo and Basso). Only G.4 has a separate Cello Solo part, because otherwise you would have to turn a page when playing.
  • Please check the incipits before ordering!
  • There is no separate piano part for any Boccherini Cello sonata!
  • Do not forget to give me a shipping address that is reliable (see below).
  • The amount charged for shipping is 5 euros, but for orders over 50 euros shipping is free of charge.
  • If you want a Track and Trace code, add 3.50 euros to the total amount.


  • In order to keep my life as productive as possible (not loosing time having to chase non- or not-yet-paying customers), the rule is: Payment prior to delivery unless you are a regular and reliable customer.
  • Payment to F. Wakelkamp, Wellerlooi, The Netherlands.
  • IBAN: NL35 ASNB 0707 1315 02. BIC: ASNB NL21.
    If your bank account is in euros, the money transfer using the IBAN and BIC codes should be free of charge for both parties.
  • If your bank account is NOT in euros, indicate "OUR COST" to the money transfer. [Please consider paying via a free PayPal.com account, since intercurrency bank transfer costs are considerable. PayPal works OK in e.g. China.]
  • You can also use PayPal account info@frankwakelkamp.com for your payment. [I advise this method for non-euro countries, since intercurrency bank transfer costs are high.] Please add 5% over the total price of your order (including shipping), since PayPal charges this much.
  • Credit card payments are not possible.
  • For faster delivery, please notify your payment to info@frankwakelkamp.com with some proof of your payment (e.g. a screen print).
  • It is your responsibility to provide editionwakelkamp.com with a proper shipping address. "Proper" means here, that you have the experience that every package shipped to this address has arrived. If this is not the case, please find a more reliable shipping address. You will be charged for any extra shipping costs for any package that is sent back to editionwakelkamp.com.
  • Delivery mostly within 2 weeks after payment.


  • Your personal data will only be used for the correct handling of your order and for the financial administration needed for the Dutch Tax Office. No data are stored online.